Dignity in Dementia Family Carers Courses   

A free to attend evening course that runs for an hour a week over 4 weeks via Zoom. It provides effective and easy to use dementia care guidance for family carers that helps them connect more effectively to the person they support, leading to an improved quality of life for both.

It covers:

  • What is dementia
  • Connecting to the feelings of the person with dementia
  • Communicating effectively & building trust
  • The importance of comfort, how to detect pain and how dementia can affect vision
  • Dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Distraction methods
  • Meaningful occupation and the perils of boredom
  • Looking after yourself and relaxation

We will advertise them on our Facebook page, as well as through local Carers Associations, The Alzheimer’s Society and Memory Clinics.  You can also book for future courses by emailing info@dignityindementia.org

Behaviour Support Service

We run a Behaviour Support Service that aims to provide assistance to families whose relative with dementia starts to display behaviours they may struggle to understand and cope with. We will talk to the main carer or another involved family member, to learn as much as possible about the person and their troubling behaviour. We will then suggest strategies, which we hope will make the situation better for both the person with dementia and their family members.

Conversations can take place via the telephone, Facetime or Zoom, or in-person, if this is possible.