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Help remove feelings of loneliness, helplessness and boredom from your care setting.

The easy-to-read and understand Dignity in Dementia Care Training Guide for Care and Nursing homes provides a wealth of information that can help your staff understand more about supporting people with dementia.  The Guide aims to enhance their skills and knowledge so that they can connect more effectively with each of your residents.

It includes:

  • The importance of recognising emotions and feelings
  • What is dementia?
  • Communicating effectively and building trust
  • The importance of saying ‘sorry’
  • Meeting emotional needs
  • Unusual behaviours and the perils of boredom
  • How to interpret the communication of an unmet need
  • Some suggestions for dealing with difficult behaviours
  • Impact of the environment
  • Carer’s stress
  • Encouraging everyday activities
  • Using the bathroom
  • End of Life

The training pack also includes 20 questions on a ‘Reflection on What You’ve Learnt’ insert for your staff to complete – a useful tool for supervision.  We believe purchasing this Guide could help your staff see the person rather than their dementia, which ultimately can improve the emotional wellbeing of your residents and improve staff morale and retention.

“Your Guide is a wonderful added teaching tool for social care. I found the video to be the starting point in really understanding the person and not the problem.

The Guide is a straight forward learning tool that untangles all the complexities perceived by others around the word Dementia. A person stands before you and not a problem to be solved.”

Elizabeth Hayak, Care Home Manager

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